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2008 Election Results Democratic Primaries  -- Election Results, Statistics, and Estimates of the 2008 Democratic Primaries. Information taken from the official Secretary of State offices and the sources are linked for each state, plus many other source links cited.

IUE-CWA / Delphi / GM -- Important Information and links concerning the Delphi Bankruptcy
(This is an Unofficial website which is not endorsed by the IUE-CWA, Delphi, or General Motors.  It was just created by a concerned worker during these troublesome & uncertain times.) 
(June 2006)

Guild Wars Skills Checklist! - Printable (Excel) and Webpage Versions of GW Skills
Skills Checklist, sorted by Name
Full Skill Descriptions, with Locations & Campaigns, sorted by Attributes
Elite Skills, sorted by Location, long and short versions
(April 2006)

Voodoo Laptops -- Voodoo Laptop Questions and Answers, plus Pictures of the Notebooks
(Last updated in 2003, but the pictures are still awesome!)