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Unions work to save what they can - Tribune article.  (Sept 23, 2006)


Ripple Effects; Suppliers are Socked Again - Chrysler announces plans to slash production of trucks, SUV's, and vans which will deal yet another blow to the auto-parts makers.  Detroit Free Press article.  (Sept 21, 2006)

UAW numbers dwindle with Buyouts - Delphi UAW Local 686 has lost 700 workers since the bankruptcy filing last year. The company won't be releasing any attrition numbers until after the revocation period is up, which is next Monday. Tonawanda News. (Sept 21, 2006)


Delphi Wants Temps with Experience - 'Job applicants said they were told that Packard wants two years of experience in warehousing or manufacturing'. The line started forming at 4:30am. Vindicator article.  The Tribune one is here.  According to the Delphi spokesman, the hiring could start in early October.  And if an agreement is reached with the union, there may be hiring of temporary skilled trades also.  (Sept 19, 2006)


Delphi Delays Seen As Good - not by the unions, but by some analysts.  Tribune article. (Sept 17, 2006)


The U.S., Europe, and Canada file trade complaint case against China on auto parts - The complaint was filed with the World Trade Organization (WTO) contending that China has erected illegal barriers to the sale of auto parts.  Khaleej Times article.  (Sept 16, 2006)

Newest Ford Hourly Buyouts - Some very interesting buyout packages they're offering.  Over 75,000 Ford hourly will be offered this special one-time voluntary buyout.  pdf document from the UAW.  (Sept 16, 2006)

Unions: Delay Doesn't Mean Progress - One-Stop of Trumbull County will hold a jobs fair for Packard Electric from 11am-6pm Monday through Thursday of next week, at the Holiday Inn Metroplex in Liberty. Tribune article.  (Sept 16, 2006)


Hearing on Rejection of Labor Contracts rescheduled to September 28th, 2006 - Newsday article. (Sept 15, 2006)

Packard Electric will hire 300 Temporary workers - They will earn $10 an hour, with no benefits, and stay on the job no longer than 120 days. They will fill production jobs in the non-core plants only.  Tribune article.  (Sept 15, 2006)


Delphi hiring 300 new workers at Packard - 21 news reporter Talia Haggler in Troy Michigan talks with IUE union leaders and President Jim Clark. The negotiations stretched well into the night and did make some progress, but still extremely concerned about how slow the progress has been with the Warren facility.  Situation at Packard is very complex. Still discussing the hiring of both permanent and temporary workers, and interviews may begin as early as today. She'll have much more information tonight at 6pm and was the only local reporter there.  (Sept 14, 2006)

Senator Hillary Clinton leads Bipartisan effort to Save Pensions Of Delphi Workers - Senator Clinton and 9 other Senators outline the dire situation at Delphi, sends letter to key Senate committee chairs.  (Sept 14, 2006)

Delphi to update Judge on talks with unions - will give an off-the-record update to Judge Drain later today. MSN article.  (Sept 14, 2006)

Unions doubt agreement is near - some progress has been made this week with the IUE and Delphi, but much remains to be done.  Vindicator article.  The Tribune one is here(Sept 14, 2006)

Court document, letter from 100 New Brunswick, NJ employees - Buyout concerns to Judge Drain from 100 transferred New Brunswick employees who were 'sold with the company' to Johnson Control. (Sept 14, 2006)


Some Delphi Checks are in the Mail - some checks for Packard workers who have already been gone for over 6 weeks have been delayed due to a 'glitch'.  Tribune Article. (Sept 13, 2006)

UAW Chief Sees No Deal by Monday - UAW President Gettelfinger doesn't expect a deal with Delphi before Monday, when the hearings resume on throwing out our collective bargaining contract. Article written by David Bailey from Reuters, posted at futureoftheunion. (Sept 13, 2006)  Snippet from the article:

“No way it is going to happen,” Gettelfinger said at the Reuters Autos Summit in Detroit. “What Delphi decides to do from there will be up to them.”  Gettelfinger also said all options remain on the table in the negotiations with Delphi, including a strike. “I definitely would not rule that out,” he said.


Delphi wants hiring plan from the union - Delphi Packard wants to hire temporary workers (of which isn't in our contract), the IUE would like them to hire under the previously agreed upon terms in the contract - under the lower wage Competitive Hiring Plan.  Tribune article.  (Sept 9, 2006)


UAW President Ron Gettelfinger Speech - his speech yesterday at the Detroit Economic Club  (Sept 8, 2006)

Investor Shareholder Committee for Delphi claims GM owes Delphi $26 Billion - filed court documents late Monday. Detroit Free Press article.  (Sept 8, 2006)

GM CFO - Convinced they will find an equitable solution -  and believes the parties will reach an out of court labor settlement. Resolution is his top priority.  Buffalo News article.  (Sept 8, 2006)


Delphi Situation 'Disgusting' by Lou Dobbs - Video about 3 minutes long, link from the IUE-CWA.  The Transcript can be read over at the futureoftheunion.com: Lou Dobbs Blasts Delphi  (Sept 6, 2006)

Union Still Mulling Delphi Strike - UAW President Gettlefinger comments included. Oakland Press news article.  (Sept 6, 2006)


Morally Bankrupt - A very good article by Mark Reutter/Making Steel Magazine. As a journalist & author, he made a Speech before the Great Lakes chapters of the Turnaround Management Association, addressing the many corporate bankruptcies and their affects on the workers and retirees.  Mr. Steve Miller and Mr. Wilbur Ross are both featured in his speech, which I highly recommend reading.  (Sept 3rd, 2006)


How will Packard Electric Operate with a depleted workforce? - IUE-CWA and Delphi talk staff levels.  Tribune article. (Aug 30, 2006)


Timeline of Upcoming Events at Packard:  (Unofficial Version)
Aug 26th
(Saturday) to Aug. 30th (Wednesday) - Open House, for employees only, at Plants 7 (Rootstown), 10 (NRR), 11 (NRR), 45 (Cortland), and 47 (Vienna)
Sept. 7th (Thursday) - Transfer requests must be in by Sept 7th
Sept 12th (Tuesday) to Sept 22nd (Friday) - Personnel begins calling for Transfers, but no moves take place yet, it's only on paper
Sept 25th (Monday) - Transfer moves will begin

For those who are Leaving:

* For those who are leaving, we're not eligible to move to Plants 7, 10, 11, 45, 47, or to core openings in PC&L
* For those who are leaving, we will remain in our current jobs until a replacement arrives and is trained, or when our job is no longer required, but it won't be any later than January 1st, 2007
* Shift preferences will still be honored in the non-core plants
* Shift preferences will be frozen in core Plants until after 2/5/07 to aid in proper training
* We should have the opportunity to leave in Seniority order within our equalization group each time an opportunity arises
* Jobs Banks people who signed up to leave will backfill for those who are staying as they move to the core plants

For those who are staying:

* Job requests for all permanent people who are staying are for the core plants only
After a job or shift has been accepted, you'll remain on that job or shift until 2/5/07
If no transfer requests are submitted, then you'll be placed in a job in a core plant after all transfer requests have been honored, but no later than 1/1/07
Shift preferences will be frozen in core Plants until after 2/5/07 to aid in proper training
Jobs Banks people who signed up to leave will backfill for those who are staying as they move to the core plants
Transfers between jobs can occur when the replacement person has been trained
There won't be a de-selection process

407 Production now Staying and 250 Skilled Trades staying, leaving Packard short -376 people to reach their goal of only 1,033 people.

(above notes are an unofficial version - Aug 25th, 2006)


Important Phone Numbers:
Hourly Personnel
phone numbers at Packard are -- 330-373-3421 and 330-373-3420.
IUE-CWA Local 717
- Phone 330-392-1591
Fidelity Benefit Center
- Phone 1-877-389-2374; Pension, Layoff Benefits, Savings Plans (Delphi Benefits)


I believe there will be some meetings for the people who are staying this Thursday and Friday, August 24th and 25th.  And there should be an Open House for those employees who are staying to check out the plants on Saturday Aug. 26th thru Wednesday the 30th.  The core Packard Plants would be 7 (Rootstown), 10 (NRR), 11 (NRR), 45 (Cortland), and 47 (Vienna).


This isn't officially confirmed, but I heard that some folks may have signed-up that may not be eligible for the option they chose, so maybe, possibly, these numbers may go up. Additionally, it's possible the Lists may be inaccurate with people having signed to go/already left but possibly being included, so then these numbers may also go down.  Very hard to say.  (Aug 23, 2006)

It looks like there are 404 Production staying at Packard; here's the breakdown by Seniority:

Seniority Staying
1955 1
1964 2
1965 3
1966 1
1968 2
1969 1
1971 1
1972 7
1973 7
1979 1
1980 10
1985 87
1988 48
1993 63
1994 117
1995 13
1999 25
2000 15
Total: 404

So with 404 Production and 250 Skilled Trades staying, this leaves Packard short -379 for their goal of 1,033 hourly workers.  (Aug. 22, 2006)


How Many U.S. Hourly Employees Does Delphi Really Have? - Just something that gets my hackles raised when the numbers which get spouted swing so wildly in one direction then the other.  (Aug, 20, 2006)


Aerotek.com - Employment Services Agency (Aug. 20, 2006)


Mass Exodus at Delphi Plants - Clarion Ledger article, August 19, 2006
According to the article, the Clinton MS plant had 579 out of 747 workers take the buyout, which would leave 168 employees staying. And Brookhaven MS had 335 out of 448 take the buyout, leaving 113 workers staying. Around 1,200 total IUE workers will be left, out of approximately 7,500 (or 8,000, or 8,200, or 8,500 depending on which document/article is cited)

What's next after Valley job losses? - Vindicator Article, August 8, 2006.
Information about local employment offices, how things are handled now, explanations of possible retraining programs, etc.


Attrition Reports Summaries are now on a separate webpage - August 19, 2006

Attrition Recap Totals (Unofficial) - A recap of the Final ending totals, with additional info we normally scribbled each night. (Done by me so it's unofficial of course)(Joyce, Aug. 18, 2006)


6,300 IUE workers leaving Delphi - Delphi Press Release, August 18, 2006.
Around 83% out of about 7,500 eligible IUE-CWA hourly employees participated in the Attrition Program.  This would leave approximately 1,200 IUE members staying with Delphi if those numbers are accurate.  The total amount of hourly employees seems to fluctuate greatly though, (court motion to approve the UAW Supplement and the IUE-CWA SAP), with different news reports from one day/week/month (court document from IUE approx 8,500, June 29, 2006) to another (Delphi Press Release, approx 8,000, June 16, 2006).


Delphi Federal Hearing Delayed - to Monday, September 18, 2006. Vindicator article.  (Aug 18, 2006)

Bankruptcy Judge Delays Delphi Hearings until Friday -- Tribune Chronicle.  (Aug 17, 2006)


Delphi's Case to Void GM Supply Pacts set for Sept. 28 - Youngstown Business Journal  (Aug 15, 2006)
Delphi has 2.6 Billion First Half Loss on Attrition - Bloomberg article. (Aug. 15, 2006)
Delphi to pay Chief Accountant Timko $375,000/Year Salary -  
EasyBourse, French article.  (Aug 15, 2006)


Tribune and Vindicator Latest News Articles:  (most Tribune links will end up broken within several weeks)
Union hopes court can fix Delphi pacts -
(broken link) Tribune Chronicle, Saturday August 12, 2006
3,400 take Packard's buyout deal -
Youngstown Vindicator, Saturday August 12, 2006
Delphi Delay to be used for talks -
(broken link) Tribune Chronicle, Friday Aug. 11, 2006
With so many seeking buyouts, how will Packard staff plants? -
Youngstown Vindicator, Friday Aug. 11, 2006
Delphi Delays Bankruptcy Hearings -
Youngstown Vindicator, Friday August 11, 2006
Delphi Hearing Delayed -
(broken link) Tribune Chronicle, Thursday August 10, 2006
3,385 IUE Members Sign Up for Buyouts -
Youngstown Business Journal, Thursday August 10, 2006
Thousands Take Buyouts -
(broken link) Tribune Chronicle, Thursday August 10, 2006


Countdown Timer Removed!
It had started Monday June 26th and ended August 9th at 5pm
Twas only 45 days to choose our Fate!  And just 7 days to change yer mind...
August 16th will be the end for the last of the 7 days


Pension Retirement Worksheet - This is the worksheet Personnel is handing out (still sporadically), but this version has an additional line at the bottom for the Employee's Home Phone Number, and a 2nd page with some short informational material.  pdf doc. 101kb (August 2nd)


Job Searches and Training:    July 26th, 2006
OneStop Ohio -
Helps jobseekers find jobs, assists in creating resumes, preparing for job interviews, & retraining
Job Searches in Ohio 


IUE 717 Delphi Solidarity Blog (thanks for the link, Jim, I've been looking for it since first finding Dawn's Blog but forgetting to bookmark it back then.  (July 24th, 2006)


Credited Service Hours in Tenths - slight tweak of IUE-798's Table by J.  (July 24th, 2006)


Updated the 'Buyout & Bonus' approximate take-home pay worksheet.  (July 22nd)
Updated the 'Mutual Retirement' worksheet.  (July 22nd)


Jimmy posted an update July 19th -- Personnel will begin posting Attrition List Updates in the clock-out areas twice a week.

If you haven't registered on his Message Board yet, please do so!  Forums are a great resource for talking with one another and getting insight from others.  And we are definitely in dire need of good communication during these trying times.


Jimmy Martin (Benefit Rep), has put up his own 'unofficial' website, and a Discussion Forum also.  Please read the Disclaimer before entering.  (July 18th, 2006)

www.delphibuyout.com -- Website
www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/mb/jimmyfro5 -- Message Board

Thank you, Jimmy!


Benefit Center Retirement Initiation Worksheet -- Personnel is sporadically handing out these worksheets to some people and not to others.  There is still too much confusion and chaos  within this company even 3 weeks after this Attrition Program began, and months after the UAW went through it.

Apparently, there will be some meetings Management will setup that Hourly retirement folks will attend.  They'd like to handle this mass attrition like past SMER's.  But then nobody seems to be on the same page so different answers or ways may filter through one day and change the next.

This worksheet is what Management will send to Fidelity to get our Retirement Package sent to us, but it looks like it'll be via the Pension Rep instead of directly to our homes.  It'll be interesting to see when these meetings ever take place and what they eventually produce.  (July 11th, Joyce)


July 10th, 2006 - signed and handed in my own forms to Personnel to retire under the Mutual, and "checked the box" to retire under GM.  The lady in Personnel was the witness for the forms.  We still don't have any Release Dates yet, so can use an Estimated Release Date of October, November, December, to have Fidelity Benefit Center send out an estimated calculation for the Mutual.

July 11th, 2006 - called Fidelity (1-877-389-2374) to get the Retirement Package sent out for an estimated calculation of the Mutual for the months of October, November, and December.  They'll send the information out as soon as it can be calculated as this has to be done by hand since it's a Mutual under the Attrition Program. 

The Next Step is once we finally get our official Release Date.  Once we have the Release Date, call Fidelity Benefit Center back so they can get the final paperwork completed and sent out. (conflicts with what I was told the next day when obtaining the Retirement Worksheet from Personnel).

 For a Single person, you'll need a photocopy of your birth certificate.  They don't need a copy of your Social Security Card for a Single person.  After we receive the final paperwork, complete it, and send the photocopy of the birth certificate back to Fidelity.

(A married person will need a photocopy of their Marriage Certificate,  their spouse's Social Security Card, and both Birth Certificates.)


 High(low)lights from the 2pm, July 2nd, Union Informational Meeting:
(Standing Room Only - estimate 1,000 or more attended)

These are just my own notes from the meeting.  It was very difficult to hear in the back so some parts may be incomplete or could have been misheard.

Release of folks -- After August 16th they'll know exactly how many will be leaving.  Then they'll go to each Department and establish the months people can leave, depending on orders and retraining needs.  The Supervisors, Generals, or Superintendents will be setting the Release Dates according to their Department/Plants needs.  This will be done by seniority.  An offer by seniority will go out, and if none wanted to go at that particular time, it would fall upon the lowest seniority to then leave.

Buyout -- There is no Tuition Assistance if severing ties (that's a Benefit).  Health care will only be good until the end of the month of which you leave.  I believe he said no Union Dues would be taken out of the buyout check (hard to hear in the back).

The Union is still checking about Unemployment for those taking the buyout.  It's all speculative with many legal interpretations.  Delphi Corporation won't object to any State Employment Bureau if employees who are leaving sign up after taking the buyout, but it's currently unknown if the State of Ohio will allow for it or not, or if any credible unemployment compensation could be issued after receiving such a huge sum of money since the amount earned within some time frame is deducted from UE Benefits.

Gamble -- If someone stays but ends up not making the 'cut', they will only receive unemployment, not SUB.

Benefit Reps -- They should have Benefit Reps setup in the Plants very soon, out on the floor.

Benefit Guarantee -- It hasn't been triggered yet.  The Union will trigger it before October 17, 2007, but would like to wait as long as they can so that the 7 year window can cover even more members. It's doubtful GM will agree to an extension of the Benefit Guarantee in the next contract, but the Union will work on it. Everyone at Packard is already covered under the Benefit Guarantee from the 2003 IUE-Delphi Agreement??  Whoever is Pension eligible today is covered by the Benefit Guarantee even if we stay or go.  We'll be covered for life once it's triggered.  There was also something about a 7 year window, but unsure exactly everything that pertained to.  (hard to hear in the back).

If Delphi eliminates or reduces our Pension and/or Supplements and it falls upon the PBGC, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. won't pay the Supplement.  That's where the GM Benefit Guarantee would pay for it.

GM has around 700,000 Retirees right now.

Managements Proposal -- Is to have only 1,033 left at Packard.  No labor gang, no carpenters, no oilers, no painters, combine skilled trades.  $16.50 an hour for those who stay (production), no buydown has been offered yet as that would need to be negotiated with GM, which GM will probably need to wait and see how many folks leave first before working on that issue.

(Joyce - just my own notes from the meeting.)


Questions & Answers compiled from the meetings on Monday, June 26th, handed out in-plant on Friday. (scanned into pdf format, 726kb - J.)


The Personnel Office in Plant 11 will be open for both weeks of Shutdown, except on the 4th of July.
 Someone will be there during dayturn hours to take our Forms.  Just ding Security to let you in.
We don't need our Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, etc. when handing the Forms in.  That's for later once we finally separate.
Personnel still hasn't received the 'Release Dates' from the various Department heads, and they can't even give us an estimated one -- which means we can't get our Retirement Packages from Fidelity Benefit Center until they get these dates to us.  (per my phone call this morning June 30th with Personnel - J.)


Judge Drain approved the 'Special Attrition Plan' on Thursday, June 29th, 2006. He even waived the normal 10 day waiting period, which makes his order effective immediately.


Contacted Fidelity Benefit Center (1-877-389-2374) today June 29th, '06.  The gentleman said we'll need a 'Release Date' before a retirement package can be sent out to us.  We get this from Personnel in Plant 11 after we fill out the Forms given out during Monday's dire meeting and turn them in to Personnel.  If Personnel can't give an exact Release Date yet, Fidelity said an 'Estimated Release Date' will be sufficient.  Once we have the estimated date, Fidelity can send our Retirement Package to the individual employee, or have it sent to a Pension Rep (our choice). You can also get your Credited Services hours from Fidelity when calling. 

Note -- Their database isn't set up to estimate a 50/10 Mutual.  It's unknown if they will update their online software to get estimations on a 50/10 Mutual.  Don't be scared or misled when the only estimate you can get online is for a Basic Benefit which may be reduced for age depending on what information you gave, but the Mutual (which has now been approved by the Court) does give us a Temporary Benefit also, in addition to a Basic Benefit that is Not reduced for age.  (Page 156-157 of the 2003 National Agreement).

Contact a Pension Rep (Frank Murray) at the Union Hall (330-392-1591), or click on the unofficial (J's calculations used from the 2003 Pension Book)  50/10 Mutual link to get a general idea of approximate Take Home Pay for those taking a Mutual.


Credited Service Hours in Tenths - slight tweak of IUE-798's Table by J.  (July 24th, 2006)
Credited Service Hours in Tenths with Conversion Table - from IUE-CWA Local 798 (Very Handy!!)


Some Unofficial Questions and Answers - small portion of some Q&A's from June 26th, not verbatim


 ** Meetings with Management at Packard Electric began Monday, June 26th, 2006.  **
Dept 4852pm had their meeting with Dan Lazor, Delphi Superintendent,
and Luke Lukasko, Delphi Manager of Personnel. 

Keep sites will be; Brookhaven MS., Clinton MS., and Warren OH.

Site Plans for Packard Electric:

Only 1,033 total workers by the end of 2007
700 Production
(approx.) & 350 Skilled Trades

Only Plants left at Warren Operations:
Plant 7 - Compound (Rootstown)
Plant 10 - Cable Make (Warren)
Plant 11 - Metal Stamping (Warren)
Plant 45 - Molds (Cortland)
Plant 47 - Molds (Vienna)

There's approximately 3,800 at Packard currently (around 13,000 back in the 70's), which will be reduced by 2,750 to reach their goal of 1,033 (700 Production/350 Skilled Trades), by next year!

At the Warren Operations, in addition to the large Reduction in Workforce, they also plan on the 'Consensual Agreement' (uaw's proposal link) coming into effect; Work Rule Changes, Productivity Enhancements, Product Line Restructuring, Reduction in Holidays, Reduction in Vacation, Reduction in Health Benefits, No more SUB, No Job Security, Freezing the Pension Plan Oct 1st.  And subject to GM support, if they subsidize the wages; the wages will go down to $16.50 hr for Production and $24 for Skilled Trades.

Forms from the packet have to be filled out and submitted to the Hourly Employment Office in Plant 11 by 5pm, August 9, 2006.  If not, you won't be eligible to exercise any other rights under the 'SAP'.

If you opt for retirement, you need to contact a Union Benefit Rep. and in addition to that, also contact Fidelity Benefit Center at 1-877-389-2374.

Questions and Answers were allowed this time.  They will try to compile the Q&A's from all the other meetings and hopefully have them out in the Plants by the end of this week.

(my take on folks reaction -- disgust.  At least that goes for me...)


An important question cropped up last night about who is actually covered under the GM-IUE Benefit Guarantee. There is a stipulation in the agreement about 'competitive wage' workers not being included:

...(However, such guarantees do not apply to those Delphi IUE employees employed under a competitive wage agreement as of May 28, 1999, i.e., Tier II or Tier III employees.)...

Does this mean that the 93's & 94's wont be able to "check the box" and retire under GM since they hadn't attained parity yet as of May 1999?  Or does this mean the 99's and later seniority aren't covered under the Guarantee? Or does this mean that anyone 'hired' under a competitive wage agreement aren't eligible? (85's and 88's, but they did have over 10 years seniority by then & were Traditional employees at the spin-off).

(June 26th...J.)


(The above comments in the Message Section are just my own take on events.  It's nothing Official).

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Joyce C.
IUE-CWA Local 717 member
(Not a Union Representative)
Delphi Packard Electric Division, Warren Ohio
Dept. 4852 pm (Past Model Year/Short Order)
1988 Seniority, eligible for the 50/10 Mutual Retirement
Email -- jayling@diversityj.com


This is not an Official IUE-CWA, Delphi Corporation, or General Motors website.  It's just a gathering of important information and links by a concerned worker, during these troublesome and uncertain times.