This is just a small portion of Questions and Answers from workers at Packard Electric, during the week of June 26th, after the announcement of the 'Special Attrition Program'.  Management hopes to have a more comprehensive list out by the end of this week, compiled from all the meetings.  (Joyce)

Questions and Answers (not verbatim):

Q. -- Can we defer our Buyout or Bonus for tax purposes?
A. -- No.

Q. -- Is there any chance of saying 'when' you want to leave?
A. -- No.  This will vary Plant to Plant, Department to Department depending on their order/volume needs.

Q. -- How many people are eligible to retire?
A. -- Approximately 1,800. There's around 3,780 total workers at Warren currently.

Q. -- If Delphi doesn't get the number of applicants they want, how would they reduce the membership to 1,033?
A. -- Indefinite Layoff.

Q. -- If a person stays and then gets permanently laid off would they receive Unemployment and SUB?
A. -- Just Unemployment, not SUB, according to Managements projected Proposal.

Q. -- If I take the buy-out, when and how will I receive my check?
A. -- Applicants taking the buyout will receive one check 4-6 weeks after their last day of work.

Q. -- While waiting for our buy-out check, can we receive Unemployment and SUB?
A. -- (they'll discuss this and look into it)

Q. -- If I take the buy-out, could I be hired back if Delphi ever hires?
A. -- No.

Q. -- If we "check the box" to transition to GM for purposes of retirement, will GM subsidize our Pension and Temporary Benefits/Supplements if Delphi reduces or eliminates them?
A. -- Yes -- he thinks so, but will check for sure.

Q. -- If I check the box to retire as a GM Retiree, when will my Delphi health benefits transition over to GM benefits?
A. -- This will be a new process.  The changeover will be handled by a case by case basis.

Q. -- Will we know how many have committed to the attrition plan, and how often we'll be able to see the numbers?
A. --
They'll try their best to post period totals, and will look into breaking the totals down by seniority.

Q. -- Does Delphi plan to sub-lease any of the plants or parts of the NRR complex?
A. -- That will depend on bargaining, and there is still bargaining to do.