2008 Democratic Primary Election Results
Updated June 30, 2008

Apologies for not having this updated sooner - have been traveling to New York, Puerto Rico, NC, and D.C.

The Popular Vote Totals are the most recent results taken from each Secretary of State office, as of June 30, 2008
Source links included

Online Spreadsheet Version at googledocs

Note: The popular votes in Michigan and Florida have already been certified by election officials in both states, and officially tallied by the two Secretary of States. Michigan Official Results and Florida Official Results.

as of 6/30/08

Popular Votes with MI & FL:
Edwards Delegates have begun switching over
(Delegate #'s used for IA, ME, NV, WA)
  Primary States
Popular Votes:
Total Votes
Supers: Total
Clinton: 17,673,693 182,349  17,856,042 (48.08%) 1,491 148.5  1639.5 247 1886.5
Obama: 17,189,709 393,412  17,583,121 (47.34%) 1,469 296.5  1765.5 487.5 2253


991,024 2,902 993,926 (2.68%) 1.5 3 4.5 0 4.5


321,363 3,820 325,183 (0.88%) 0 0 0 0 0


379,141 1,472 380,613 (1.02%) 0 0 0 0 0
Total: 36,554,930 583,955 37,138,885 2961.5 448 3,409.5 734.5 4,144
Clinton either behind or ahead of Obama:
Clinton:  +483,984 -211,063 +272,921 +22 -148 -126  -240.5 -366.5
+272,921 (+0.8%) Clinton Ahead

as of 6/30/08

Results of the Elections
Total Dele:
Total Dele:


6,985,665 510 65 575 6,384,190 471 112 583

Clinton Ahead:

+601,475 +39 -47 -8        

as of 6/30/08

Popular Votes with MI & FL:
Estimated Caucus Votes for IA, ME, NV, WA
  Total Votes Both:
Clinton:  18,065,387
Obama:  17,892,705
Clinton Ahead: +172,682

2,118 Total Delegates Needed for the Nomination (after the Bylaws decision)

Neither Candidate can reach 2,118 without Super Delegates
Super Delegates can switch endorsements at any time, they don't vote until the August Convention
90 Supers haven't endorsed yet


(sources included - each state's Secretary of State office and the math from GreenPapers))


There are inconsistencies in the media reports about the Popular Votes & Delegate Allocations.

Most news networks don't cite their sources, many aren't updated as new ballots are still being counted from previous elections, and more importantly they aren't transparent and don't show the math. The only place on the internet which does show all the sources plus the math is TheGreenPapers.com.

Please be wary of any selective numbers being reported in the media unless they link to Official sources, show when they were updated, and begin showing the math.

My Popular Votes & Delegate Count are close to GreenPapers, though there are differences due to when our last check of the Secretary of State offices took place and when we updated our Super Delegates from DemConWatch.

 (DemConWatch suspended updating the Unpledged list June 6, 2008)

Certified Delegates by State from the DNCC

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